By Karen Nation

“Think outside of the candy-box” says Corey Colwell-Lipson, parent and founder of Green Halloween, who asked herself after one candy-overdosed night “Wouldn’t it be great if there were a sign you could place on your home’s door or window that notified trick-or-treaters their upcoming treat would be healthy? Wouldn’t it be terrific if affordable, kid and earth-healthy treats and treasures were available everywhere?”

What began as a conversation with her local Whole Foods Market store (in Bellevue, Washington) quickly turned into a movement with other organizations and businesses wanting to take part in making Halloween healthier and safer for the children and for the environment.  If you would like your home to be known as a Green Halloween Home, go to for more info, and visit your local Whole Foods Market, or The Green Life store in Santa Monica.

My fave ideas are the organic agave nectar sticks, natural juice boxes (kids get thirsty on that spooky journey to the next door), and seashells. I love seashells! And kids love searching for them in the sand. How about dressing in Pirate theme, with a large treasure-box full of sand the kids can reach into and pull a freaky seashell out of? That is if they’re brave enough to endure “quick sand.”  Ooo-wah-ha-hah!

Be well, be green!  ~  Karen Nation