Interview with Shayna Prunier 

Let’s start with what EcoConsulting is all about. What do you offer LA home-owners?   Eco Consulting LA is a full-service environmental consulting firm, bringing together a qualified team to work closely with clients in achieving a variety of green goals. Our experience comes from real estate, construction, operations, urban planning, landscaping, and architectural and interior design.  Our current projects include LEED consulting, corporate office and home remodeling, educational seminars, and material research and selections.

I see, so if a home-owner is looking for a designer and wants to remodel green… If a builder needs a LEED rater, or simply help selecting finishes, etc…  The first step would be to call EcoConsulting LA What is your personal design background?  I have a B.A. in Art History and a Masters of Science in Interior Design. I also share my education and experience by teaching a green materials course at Woodbury University.

Being a green designer must be exciting with all the new materials and resources… I’m very passionate about green materials, how sustainable and rapidly renewable. Lately I’m really into Alchemy’s recycled metal countertops, as well as composite made from scrap wood. 


 Have you done any green projects to your own home?   Ooooh yes!  My husband is an architect and together we built a green addition with passive solar, a cool metal roof, radiant heat, and countertops of quartz with recycled glass and mirror… to name a few things. We also bought locally manufactured furniture. We really made every decision, every step of the way eco-minded. 


What are some other exciting projects you’ve worked on lately?  The Santa Monica Aquarium at the Pier. Creating a healthier, environmentally-friendly place for children to learn was really rewarding. We used recycled-content products from milk jugs, glass, and rubber tires.  Check out 


What else would you like to share about your services, your company?  As Sustainable Living Consultants, we demonstrate to clients that they don’t have to sacrifice luxury or convenience to enjoy an earth-friendly lifestyle. Our mission is to educate clients while offering sustainable, gorgeous, and healthy options for building and renovating their homes, events and lives. We focus on the client’s comfort level and commitment, and then work around it. Our goal is to make the green movement relevant to real people dealing with real issues. 


For someone considering your services, where are you most effective in the remodeling process?  Connecting people, resources, materials… the right people for the right project. We first consult taking a holistic approach. We look at what’s still useable, what can be salvaged in unique ways, resurfaced, or do we need to start over completely.  By finding the right solution we can save people money in the long run. We also source the materials and explain the various green options. Our services can be on an hourly rate or project based. 


What is your biggest eco-weakness?  Like mine is paper-towels. I need paper-towel rehab.  Me too!  I can’t get off them. I’m trying half sheets, but sometimes you just need one. 


I’m trying recycled paper. We’ll work on that together…  See you for Green Halloween at “The Green Life”  Thanks Shayna! 


 Be well, be green! ~ Karen Nation